Nonprofit Solutions

Pacific West Bank is here to support your nonprofit organization with streamlined banking solutions. We want to get to know you and your community, understand your needs and how to bring you banking efficiency. We don’t have red tape or black holes, we have real people ready to become your trusted advisor.

Nonprofit Lending

We are here to help with your ongoing lending needs. Whether you are looking for a line of credit or commercial real estate loan, we have the tools and expertise to partner with you. We will discuss your goals and create a custom solution to support your mission.


Nonprofit Checking Accounts

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We offer a full suite of nonprofit deposit accounts with features and flexibility to meet your unique needs. We’re here to simplify your day-to-day banking needs.


Community Plus™ Business Interest Checking

Community Choice™ Business Checking

Community Plus™ Business Checking



Account Description

Perfect for small or medium sized businesses that would like to earn interest on balances maintained.

Great for small businesses, nonprofits, and other businesses with lower transaction needs.

Perfect for businesses with medium-high transaction volume.

 For companies with higher transaction volume, where earnings on the account help offset fees.

Interest Bearing

Yes, tiered

No No Earnings credit based on balance maintained


First 50 checks and 20 deposits per month free1

First 50 checks and 20 deposits per month free1 First 250 checks and 40 deposits per month free1 $0.13 per item

Monthly Service Charge

No monthly service charge with $3,000 minimum daily balance or $5,000 average daily balance.

Otherwise, $9.95


No monthly service charge with $5,000 minimum daily balance.

Otherwise, $9.95


No monthly service charge with $1,000 minimum daily balance.

Otherwise, $9.95


Ownership Restrictions

Registered nonprofits, government agencies, or sole proprietorships only

No restrictions – available to any business No restrictions – available to any business No restrictions – available to any business

All of our nonprofit deposit accounts include:

  • Free Online and Mobile Business Banking
  • Free Online Business Bill Pay
  • No charges to access thousands of MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide2
  • No charge for our business VISA Debit Card3
  • Free check images with your easy-to-balance monthly statement
  • Free Overdraft Protection when you link your account to a Pacific West Bank business money market or savings account4


Business Reserve Accounts

Community Growth Savings and Certificates of Deposit

If you have money that you want to set aside for a rainy day or for future purchases, pair your checking or money market account with a Community Growth™ Savings Account or Certificate of Deposit for greater earnings. Savings accounts offer greater flexibility, while Certificates of Deposit offer competitive rates over a wide range of timeframes.


Treasury Management Services

We offer a full line of account services to help give your business a competitive advantage.

Business Online Banking

  • No cost for business online banking
  • Check balances, view account activity, transfer funds, view check images, access monthly statements, and set up alerts
  • Distinct logins and user profiles with ability to customize user access
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA) available for added security.
  • Web Connect Integration with accounting software such as QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

Video TutorialClick-thru demo

Business Bill Pay

  • No cost for business online bill payment
  • Go Green, and make a difference by turning off paper and switching to eBills and online bill pay
  • Ability to customize user access including secondary approval requirement
  • Set-up E-mail Alerts to notify you of due dates, when payments will be posted, sent, etc.
  • Create different payee groups to simplify the payment process.


Mobile Business Banking

  • No cost, available in the App Store and Google Play
  • Check business account balances, view recent transactions, including check images, and transfer money between accounts
  • Deposit checks by snapping a picture of each check, and view deposit history in the app
  • Approve transactions scheduled through Business Online, including fund transfers, ACH transfers and wire transfers
  • Review and approve Positive Pay exceptions, and receive alerts when approvals are pending


Remote Deposit Capture

  • Deposit checks from the convenience of your office, any time that you like
  • Support is handled locally by our banking team.
  • Deposit multiple checks using a batch feed check scanner
  • Daily deposit reports are generated after submitting and can include check images
  • $50 per month, which includes rental of the equipment and access to the fully integrated system within business online banking


ACH Origination 

  • Originate ACH files from business online banking
  • Ability to have individual limits and dual control approvals
  • Automated notification system sends emails when transactions are generated for approval and once completed
  • MFA required including token generated codes (hard or soft token)
  • ACH Origination is $10 per month, $2.50 per batch/file submitted, and $0.13 per transaction



Online Wires

  • Send wire transfers from business online banking
  • Ability to have individual limits and dual control approvals
  • Automated notification system sends emails when transactions are generated for approval and once completed
  • MFA required including token generated codes (hard or soft token)
  • Online Wires are $15 for Domestic and $50 for International transfers


Check and ACH Positive Pay 

  • Check Positive Pay matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by the company
  • ACH Positive Pay matches the company ID, transaction type and amount threshold to only allow payments authorized by the company
  • Ability to customize user access levels for defined roles and responsibilities
  • Customized reporting for account reconciliation
  • $50 per month for check Positive Pay and/or $50 per month for ACH Positive Pay


Business Debit Card

  • No cost for our business Visa branded Debit Card
  • Surcharge free access to thousands of MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide
  • Download the free MoneyPass® ATM locator app or visit:

Card Manager

  • Protect your debit card by sending transaction alerts and define when, where and how your card is used
  • Alerts for PIN and signature transactions can be set up to keep you informed of your debit card usage and help you quickly detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity
  • Location-Based Alerts and Controls, Usage Alerts and Controls, and Card On/Off Setting are also available

Nonprofit Credit Card

  • We are proud to partner with Elan Financial Services to provide the CommUNITY nonprofit credit card
  • No personal guarantees required
  • Corporate billing and employee cards are available
  • Both points and cash back card options are available
  • EMV smart chip technology for added security
  • Mobile purchasing capability for added convenience
  • Separate expenses, manage cash-flow and track spending


Merchant/Credit Card Processing Services

  • Customized solutions to fit the scope and demands of your business
  • Various turnkey payment solutions enable you to accept every type of payment and give your business the tools you need to succeed
  • Loaner equipment is available for fundraising events or one-off processing needs

Advantage Sweep

Pacific West Bank has partnered with a network that provides additional FDIC insurance to our clients up to $30 million! Here is how it works:

  • Client determines a daily target balance for the account.
  • For deposits that exceed the target balance, FDIC insurance is borrowed from other well-capitalized banks that participate in the program.
  • The sweep of funds occurs overnight; funds are deposited back to the PWB account the following business day.
  • Funds are always protected by FDIC insurance and may earn a higher rate of interest than a standard account***.
  • Interest is variable, subject to change and is credited to the account monthly; separate statement will be generated and delivered to client.

***Rate determined based on each individual client relationship.

1. No service charge for first 50 checks and 20 deposits per month; $0.20 per check or deposit thereafter.
2. Non-MoneyPass® ATMs may impose an ATM surcharge.
3. Visa Debit Card: Transactional, inactivity, or lost/stolen card fees may apply.
4. Overdraft protection transfers in $100 increments; sufficient money market or savings balance must be maintained to cover checks or insufficient funds charges may apply.

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